We are driven by two goals:

  1. Make insight egalitarian.

  2. Helping you monetize your point of view.

Our Reading Machines make petabytes of unstructured text understandable for companies and people. You don't need a PhD in data science to read billions of documents and understand their meaning.

Cofounded by MIT PhDs Paul Nemirovsky and Ariadna Quattoni, dMetrics is a winner of National Science Foundation SBIR awards, member of the Fintech Innovation Lab class of 2017, winner of the B-Hive startup competition, and so on. Focusing on some of the most challenging problems in Natural Language Processing (a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence), our team members' work has been cited in 8,000+ academic publications.

dMetrics' investors include Nicholas Negroponte (founder of the MIT Media Lab and One Laptop Per Child), Evan Schulman (commonly known as one of the "fathers of electronic trading"), John Johnson (president of BuzzFeed), and other industry leaders.



Open Positions

We speak 11 languages, hold 10 passports, and work from Brooklyn NY. Join our team!

Engineering: Algorithms

You will help implement and optimize NLP and machine learning algorithms for near real-time performance over terabytes of data, and contribute to integrating them into our NLP pipeline. We expect you to work heavily with our app dev team and coordinate research work with product development.


  • Strong, hands-on Java skills

  • Familiarity with Hadoop, Maven, Git, and Spark

  • Experience in distributed systems and/or high-performance algorithms

  • Masters in CS or equivalent

  • Bonus: Python, experience in processing very large noisy datasets

Engineering: Back End

You are interested in large-scale content aggregation, data processing, and storage. We expect you to work closely with others and provide leadership, code discipline, and project design by example. You are extremely driven and want to assume ownership over an important part of our technology to build a solid product stack. You will use your expert Java skills to design and build high-load web applications and service-oriented systems for storing, processing, and searching a very large volume of unstructured text. In doing so, you will solve a wide variety of engineering challenges, ranging from data flow, to storage, to aggregation, to supporting APIs / presentation layer / data pipelines / web apps. You have experience developing in OSX and/or Linux. You are comfortable with change. You’ve had positive experience working for a startup before.


  • Java (5+ years)

  • AWS, ElasticSearch, Spark Streaming (or similar)

  • Bonus: Hadoop, Spring MVC


  • Implement multi-tier scalable SaaS architectures

  • Design and consume RESTful web service APIs via microservices

  • Deploy to and manage apps in the cloud

  • Bonus - hands-on experience with:

    • machine learning, statistics, natural language processing

    • bash/unix tools, security, caching

    • react.js, iOS

  • Click here for a PDF with more details.

Engineering: Front End

You will engineer sleek solutions for visualization, presentation, and interaction with high volumes of semantically-rich longitudinal business intelligence data, resulting in beautiful and easy to use web applications that render a consistent output. Your users: from Fortune 100 to people on iPhones. Educate us on the possibilities.


  • Working knowledge of ReactJS

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, cross-browser techniques

  • Passionate about UX and the challenge of designing elegant UIs for non-tech-savvy users

  • Creative with both code & markup

  • Bonus: iOS, Spring

  • Click here for a PDF with more details.


Hello interns! Come work on cutting edge technical problems and, if you are lucky, get supported by a National Science Foundation scholarship. For details, inquire within.


  • Strong, working-level qualifications for one of the positions outlined above. You are junior in age, not knowledge.

  • For NSF scholarships only:

    • Actively pursuing an undergraduate degree in STEM

    • American citizen or green card holder

  • Both undergrad and doctoral level interns are welcome to apply


We are building an infrastructure-as-a-service for deep NLP. Clients use our platform (called Minsky) to interactively train and deploy pipelines of natural language processors to meet their specific information needs, running our ML / NLP algorithms on real world datasets at real world speeds. Developers use our API to build language understanding apps by accessing our deep NLP pipeline to process billions of Internet posts and internal data. Current open positions are listed below (PDF) but if you are an NLP researcher and think that your skills align with what we are building, do not hesitate to send us your resume.

Interactive Information Extraction


In this role, you will:

  • Integrate users’ feedback into machine-learned models to combine the best of human intelligence and AI for language understanding

  • Extend interactive learning techniques beyond shallow NLP (text classification, topic modeling) to include human-in-the-loop named entity recognition, relation extraction, structure prediction tasks and more

Expertise desired: NER, relation extraction, structure prediction, active learning.

Bonus: experience with crowdsourced active learning, track record of publishing in top-tier conferences.

Semantic Parsing

In this role, you will:

  • Map textual data to representations of meaning suitable for data aggregation

  • Design broad-coverage semantic representations, deep enough to capture linguistic phenomena relevant to data aggregation

  • Build statistical models to learn these representations given limited supervision

Expertise required: structure prediction, track record of publishing in top-tier conferences.

Data Annotation

In this role, you will:

  • Implement annotation procedures, possibly relying on crowd or community sourcing, to achieve consistent annotation needed for training target statistical models

  • Curate linguistic resources relevant to information extraction tasks

Expertise required: background in linguistic analysis of real-world text data, working knowledge of NLP tools.

Head of Sales

High-energy, driven Head of Sales reporting directly to the CEO. You will be responsible for building and executing our sales strategy. You will be held accountable for generating revenue growth, with the plan of building out a sales team and establishing growth goals. Ideal candidates have a solid B2B sales background and are able to build and execute a sales strategy that gains marketshare and builds high levels of customer success.


  • Big picture thinker - ability to independently build a sales strategy

  • Manage complete and complex sales cycles, comfortable presenting to SVP / C-level at large financial institutions

  • Build and develop a go-to-market sales strategy and forecast sales activity and revenue achievement

Required Skills

  • Strong sales management experience in financial services & data sales

  • 7-10 years of individual contributor B2B sales experience, with track record of consistently achieving quota and deep knowledge of sales cycles as an individual contributor

  • Experience managing the sales cycle from business champion to the CxO level

  • Prior sales experience in a fast-paced environment (ideally, startup)

  • Experience managing and closing complex sales cycles across CxO suite, Sales & Marketing, Compliance

  • Demonstrated ownership of all aspects of territory management

  • MBA a bonus

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