Why Minsky?

  1. Minsk: a series of computers developed a long time ago, in a country far away. The -y suffix means from Minsk. Minsk computers are long forgotten; a shame, given their rather visionary design.
  2. Marvin Minsky: one of the fathers of AI and one of our professors while at MIT.


How much does Minsky cost?

Contact us. Transparent, easy to understand pricing. Both on-cloud and on-prem options are available
We will quote a price within 24 hours of clarifying your request.

How are you different from <another NLP solution>?

You may have been promised golden NLP dreams; you may have gotten little results. We'd love to discuss our performance in the context of your problem. Suffice to say, we outperform all of the solutions we are aware of by a significant margin. That includes some big, acronym-named companies.


Do you have a mascot?

No, but we have a Board of Directors: