Our AIs 


Minsky™ AIs have been used for tasks as varied as political polling and maintenance reports for oil rig equipment. That said, our focus is on healthcare and finance. Some applications of Minsky are listed below.




Minsky continuously collects information from  Internet and proprietary sources, filters out the noise, and derives patient behavior insights. According to our clients, our database of Patient Reported Outcomes is the world's largest, with 3.5B posts analyzed, covering over 20k types of symptoms, conditions, and lifestyle events, as well as over 25k treatments and medications (Q4 2018).


Patient Reported
Outcomes Research


Clinical Trial
Participant Identification

Product Safety
& AE Tracking


Health PII


Financial Services


Minsky ingests information from every major public online data source, and/or your proprietary data, to deliver a company-wide, consistent interpretation of all the relevant unstructured data. You define the problem and desired insights; Minsky reads and interprets; you take action. 


Trade Sector Analysis

M&A Deal Document Analysis


M&A News Tracker

Investor Attitude Tracker


Call Center
Customer Categorization

Alt-data Feeds for
Underwriting Decisions


 A Research Platform
for your Use Case


 Our AIs can be trained to create insights on any industry or topic. Subject matter experts use our platform to:


And so much more.

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