Goodbye Miss Sentiment. Hello Lady Action.

Your campaign's success hinges on understanding patient attitudes, decisions and outcomes. So why are you thinking about topics, word clouds, and sentiment? Consider this patient post:


Is that a positive or negative "sentiment"? For which brand?
What is the patient doing or likely to do next?



Minsky Health is a patient marketing platform trained to understand how people talk about every aspect of their health.
Harnessing Minsky's ability to understand natural language, Minsky Health allows marketers to understand every facet of the patient journey (patient-reported decisions, motivations, and outcomes) and take precise, data-driven actions supported by accurate real-world evidence.

Minsky Health connects you to patients in their moment of decision...


Understand patients'...

  • Experience with relevant symptoms

  • Diagnosis awareness

  • Views on treatment alternatives (competitive landscape)

And act to...

  • Fulfill patients’ need for Information

  • Target unmet need with messaging tuned to key market drivers


Identify patients who...

  • Ask about or express an interest in your brand
  • Express dissatisfaction with a competitor brand
  • Express a recent diagnosis with the target conditions

And act by...

  • Locating and engaging brand advocates
  • Microtargeting specific patient populations with timely and appropriate content
  • Executing AdWords campaigns
  • Positioning your message on the right websites

Brand Selection

Know your customers by understanding...

  • Patient reports of using your brand
  • Patient reports of brand engagement
  • Patient behavior (recommending, using, etc)

So you can...

  • Quantify marketing campaign impact / ROI
  • Justify ad spend


Manage loyalty by understanding patients'...

  • Expression of brand satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Challenges with access
  • Experience with efficacy of treatment
  • Compliance with treatment regimen

So you can...

  • Manage product risk
  • Support access
  • Improve compliance with tailored patients outreach

Platform Details

  • Tracks over 1M public sources, to identify every patient decision reported online and relevant to your brand
  • Covers over 18,500 prescription, over-the-counter, and supplemental brands / generics
  • Provides access to the world's largest database of patient-reported outcomes: over 3 billion processed documents
  • Eliminates 90% of noise polluting social media listening / sentiment analysis tools
  • Capable of ingesting proprietary data
  • Can track AE reporting and be deployed to monitor & report on your branded properties
  • Accessible via web app, reports, and API