Our Platform


Introducing Minsky™

Minsky is an easy to use AI platform for extracting insights from text.

For Business Professionals

AI tools that can be directly and efficiently used by the domain experts will have a dramatic impact on the reach of AI, and the future of your business.

Read and Analyze Everything

Minsky works on just about any text you want to read: customer feedback, social posts, call transcripts, legal agreements, and other text data.


 Here’s how you use Minsky:


Explore your data:
What would you like Minsky to read?


Set some goals:
What are the questions you want answered?


Train AI:
Quickly train Minsky to read like you. What are you looking for in the text? What’s important? What are the implications?  


Deploy it:
In minutes, not months.


Take action:
View results, set alerts, integrate into your workflow—all without writing any code.


Revise Results:
Does your AI read like you? Have your goals changed? With Minsky, AI is under your control. 


Check out our many use cases to see how Minsky can work for you