Terms and Conditions


We had Minsky read 1,000s of T&Cs. That was confusing. Let's keep it simple:

  1. Any data that you process is for your private (or internal corporate) use only. Any results you obtained by using our system is similarly for you, and you only. Want to publish the results publicly? Contact us first.

  2. We make no guarantees about public data. None whatsoever. It may be incomplete, misleading, racist, or outright illegal. It may even be the full collection of Donald Trump speeches.

  3. By using Minsky you certify that you fully and legally own all the data that you send to Minsky. Yes, this means that you are not allowed to hack someone's account, steal their emails, and run a million of them through Minsky. We will report you.

  4. Unless we have an SLA in place, we make no guarantees about your data. We will delete your data if you don't pay your bills within 30 days.

  5. Don't steal. Don't try to steal. Not our code, not other people's data. Just don't.

  6. You cannot use Minsky, for any purpose, if you work for a competing company (your company writes algorithms for processing unstructured text) or are affiliated, in any shape or form, with the governments, governmental agencies, or government-owned companies of China, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela or Turkmenistan. Yes, Turkmenistan counts, we checked.